Sound Design & Music

Studio and Mobile Unit

Our studio, White Noise West, features the latest in audio technologies for multi-channel and immersive audio experiences including soundscapes, original music, and sound effects. We are fully equipped for voice over and can accommodate your VO talent or source it for you. We also have the capability to re-record or sweeten any audio or video content, and clean up or repair bad audio.


Focusing on the Virtual and Augmented Reality booms, we have built our own binaural recording head “BERTHA” (Binaural Entertainment Recording Technology Head Apparatus), for both studio and location recordings and an experimental system for recapturing and mixing standard audio of 1-4 channels into a new stereo binaural format.
Creative sound design and music for any application.
Sounds Amazing and Reek Havok have created many imaginative and cutting edge interactive design projects, from immersive simulations, sci-fi and real-world games, educational musical instrument activities, and ambient audio and music for galleries and activities.


Sounds Amazing was one of the first companies to create CD-ROM sound libraries and we continue that quest for new and original content for ourselves and our clients. We have two high end mobile recording systems to capture audio in binaural stereo, standard stereo or multichannel surround at up to 24 bit, 96kHz. Utilizing our state of the art facility, that audio can be transposed into a variety of formats for any project and any file size requirements.

On Tour

We have made sounds and factory presets for musical instruments for companies like Yamaha, Simmons, Arturia, Dave Smith Instruments, Kawai, GForce Softwares, t.c. electronic and more. We’ve provided custom sounds and touring systems for Motley Crue, YES, Robert Palmer, ELP, Madonna, Earth Wind and Fire, REM, RATT and dozens more and have 5 Platinum Record Awards for our work.