About Us

Reek Havok: A Unique Creative Force

Reek N. Havok has worked in many facets of the entertainment industry—as an artist, consultant, performer and designer. In the Los Angeles-area, he worked both as a performer and as a music synthesizer/Midi programmer for many top artists, creating sounds and systems used on world tours and multi-platinum recording projects. Reek took that strong experience and love of sound into the post production world where he worked as a sound designer on motion pictures, theme park rides, games, television and live theatrical performances.
Career Highlights

Disney – Sound and audio for interactive gaming platform
Microsoft – Sound designer and composer for Digital Backlot
Experience Music Project (EMP) – Interactive Tech Lead for award winning Sound Lab gallery
YES  – Designed, programmed and assembled Alan White’s mechanized drum set.
Motley Crue – Designed and built Tommy Lee’s flying drum kit.

Reek is always searching for new and interesting possibilities. He is especially enthusiastic about new approaches and exciting concepts for entertainment, both in audio and mechanical forms.